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Ethics of Hospital Regulations on Vaginal Births After Cesarean Sections

Title: The Ethics of Hospital Regulations on Vaginal Births After Cesarean Sections.
Name(s): Miller, David, author
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Date Issued: 2013
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Abstract/Description: In recent decades, the cesarean section has become an increasingly common mode of childbirth. Since 1999, there has also been a drastic decrease in vaginal births after cesarean sections (VBACs), with more women and physicians instead opting for repeat cesarean sections among women who have already undergone cesarean sections. Further, many hospitals have gone so far as to prohibit vaginal births for women who have previously given birth through cesarean section. In this research I consider the ethical implications of hospital regulations on vaginal births after cesarean sections through an application of the principles of patient autonomy and patient dignity. I argue that these principles, though infrequently applied to VBAC regulations, are more reasonable and conclusive than arguments based on beneficence, which rely on weak claims regarding the health risks of vaginal births and cesarean sections. Ultimately, I conclude that VBAC regulations in hospitals constitute ethical violations, and I call for updated regulations by hospitals and the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecologists regarding VBAC practices in order to improve the public approval of the practice and increase the rate of vaginal births after cesarean sections.
Identifier: FSU_migr_phi2630-0008 (IID)
Keywords: Ethics, Birth, C-Section, VBAC, Obstetrics
Note: © 2013, David G. Miller
Subject(s): Political ethics
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