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School System's Role in Cyberbullying

Title: The School System's Role in Cyberbullying.
Name(s): Laitano, Luisa, author
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Date Issued: 2013
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Abstract/Description: The digital age has expanded the problem of bullying onto online platforms, which serve as adult-free havens for children to congregate and inflict pain on one another. This paper examines the role of the school system in cases of cyberbullying occurring off-campus. I argue that the school system carries a tremendous responsibility to monitor and prevent cyberbullying because of its commitment to education and teaching good citizenship for a global society, its obligation to offer aid and protection to those in need, and its duty to provide an academically conducive environment for kids to learn. The potential infringement on 1st amendment student rights, the responsibility of parents to monitor and teach children right from wrong, and the problematic integration of cyberbullying education into current school curriculum are addressed as objections and discredited through counterclaims and using Utilitarian perspectives. This paper demonstrates why holding the school system responsible for Internet safety education is the most beneficial strategy for cultivating a safe environment in our increasingly online society. The responsibility, empathy, and maturity needed to prevent cyberbullying are best taught consistently and within existing school curricula. The school system should have the power to educate and protect its students because the aspects of good citizenship that are tied to Internet education should be treated as indispensible traits integral to a well-rounded education.
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Keywords: Cyberbullying, School, Bullying, Internet Safety, Online, Behavior, Students
Note: © 2013, Luisa Laitano
Subject(s): Political ethics
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