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"Why Should We Cultivate Our Gardens?"

Title: "Why Should We Cultivate Our Gardens?": Th Development & Role of Leisure in Western Society .
Name(s): McShane, Mikaela Woods, author
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Date Issued: 2016-04-22
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Language(s): English
Abstract/Description: This thesis explores “leisure” as an important, if not vital, component in cross-cultural studies. I work through, what I perceive to be the formative time periods, the end of the nineteenth century and the middle of the twentieth century, in regards to the development of cultural specific leisure time negotiation. I have approached the idea of leisure from several different theoretical and epistemological angles, historical, literary, rhetorical and anthropological. My goal in this project was not to expose a new idea, as leisure has been studied extensively, rather my aim is to shrink the gap between studies. I have connected research across different disciplines in order to present a case for the inclusion of leisure in the academic discourse and present its relevance as a genre, rather as idea.
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Keywords: leisure, Western, Peru, Indigenous
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