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Gender Biases in the Music Classroom

Title: Gender Biases in the Music Classroom.
Name(s): Mindermann, Casey, author
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Bachelor Thesis
Date Issued: 2018-04-09
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Language(s): English
Abstract/Description: With a growing attentiveness to gender imbalances in American culture, an increased awareness of the transgender community, and the development of new gender theories, this study aimed to assess the impact of societal changes on secondary music education. Specifically, this study investigated: (1) How have college students’ instrument-gender associations changed since 2009? (2) What variables (gender, grade level, teaching experience, or primary instrument) influence gender-instrument associations in secondary schools? (3) What instrument selection practices can secondary school music teachers utilize to best counteract gender bias? This study sampled 57 undergraduate music majors and 17 secondary music teachers in the state of Florida. Paired-comparison rankings were assessed to determine gender biases, and teaching techniques when assigning beginning instruments were compared in their ability to counteract gender stereotypes and their overall usage in classrooms. Results showed no significant decrease in gender-stereotyping of musical instruments since 2009. Teaching practices ranked high in usage were deemed as more likely to reinforce gender stereotypes, while those deemed to counteract stereotypes were ranked lower in usage. Given the results, there is evidence of gender stereotyping of musical instruments and a lack of action in schools to divert these biases. Future studies with larger sample sizes are needed to confirm these findings.
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