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Effects of Neonatal Stress on the Parietal Hippocampal Network

Title: Effects of Neonatal Stress on the Parietal Hippocampal Network .
Name(s): Pei, Eric, author
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Bachelor Thesis
Date Issued: 2018-12-07
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Abstract/Description: Maternal separation in rats is used to study how stress impacts the brain. Our laboratory previously made use of a simple model of learning and memory to assess the effects of early stress in the form of daily maternal separation on adult learning and memory using a simple model system to assess learning and memory: eyeblink conditioning. Glucocorticoids are important for modulation of stress for adult learning and memory. Previously we found that neonatal stress increased glucocorticoid receptor expression in the cerebellum, that increased receptor expression was correlated with impaired learning and that blocking excess receptors restored normal learning. Here we set out to begin assessing the possibility that more complex learning and memory brain systems may be altered in a similar way. The parietal hippocampal network has been shown to be part of the brain network responsible for learning, memory and spatial navigation and has not been previously assessed following neonatal stress. To test for how early stress affects learning and memory in the parietal hippocampal network, GR expression was quantified. By using previously obtained coronal sections of brain data, GR expression was analyzed in the parietal cortex. Neonatal maternal separation was found to not significantly alter GR expression in the parietal cortex or effect stress on the parietal hippocampal network. GR expression varies oppositely from studies on connectivity and differences in regional GR expression is suggested to not interact with neonatal stress.
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