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Day in the Life of Picoplankton in Dickerson Bay, FL

Title: A Day in the Life of Picoplankton in Dickerson Bay, FL.

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Name(s): Basden, Isabelle G, author
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Genre: Text
Bachelor Thesis
Date Issued: 2018-12-06
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Language(s): English
Abstract/Description: Pelagic ecosystems play an important role in regulating the Earth’s biogeochemical processes. Picoplankton, cells > 2µm, are some of the most abundant plankton in the pelagic community and responsible for 44-90% of primary production in tropical oceans. This study attempts to understand the daily fluctuations of picoplanktonic organisms in relation to the abiotic and biotic factors that may influence their dynamics by 1) analyzing the fluctuations in picoplankton community structure and density from 8am to 8pm 2) analyzing the relationship between picoplankton fluctuations and abiotic factors including light, temperature, and the tidal cycle and 3) analyzing the impact of a sponge filter feeder on picoplankton abundance. Picoplankton densities fluctuated significantly through out the day and tidal cycles and vertical mixing could play a large role in these daily dynamics. Sponge feeding can significantly decrease the density of autotrophic picoplankton and could be a form of control for picoplankton communities.
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