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comparison of Effective Teaching Practices Utilized by Two Amercian Saxophone Teachers

Title: A comparison of Effective Teaching Practices Utilized by Two Amercian Saxophone Teachers.
Name(s): Seier, Nicholas David, author
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Bachelor Thesis
Date Issued: 2018-12-03
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Abstract/Description: Undergraduate music students receive the greatest amount of instruction in their applied lessons; however, the amount of research regarding teaching in the private lesson setting is much less than that of the classroom setting. Research regarding pedagogy and highly effective individuals or master teachers is common. American saxophone teachers have been studied considerably with the exception of teachers who studied with Sigurd Raschèr, one of the saxophone’s earliest pioneers within the classical tradition. This study aims to add to the body of research on applied teaching as well as saxophonists who have studied with the master teacher Sigurd Raschèr. The purpose of this study is to analyze and describe the similarities and differences in educating saxophonists between two prominent teachers from diverse American traditions. The two teachers selected for the study were Patrick Meighan who recently retired from Florida State University and Eric Nestler who currently teaches at the University of North Texas. Both participants answered ten questions regarding teaching techniques, concepts, and values. The study found that the participants received instruction from teachers of diverse traditions. The strongest influence for Meighan and Nestler were the teachers with whom they spent the most time. Over time, Meighan and Nestler developed their own unique teaching practices through an amalgamation of their teachers and individual experiences. The results of the study suggest that master teachers follow a pattern of learning one school of thought, imitating their teacher, and developing their own unique school of thought. The appendices include transcriptions of the participants’ answers.
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Keywords: Music, Private Lessons, Saxophone, Music Education, Applied Teaching, Pedagogy, Master Teachers, Higher Education
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