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Color of Discipline

Title: Color of Discipline: Reducing Discipline Disparities through the Use of School-Wide Discipline Programs.
Name(s): Toll, Ashley D., author
Rutledge, Stacy A., professor directing dissertation
Jones, Ithel, university representative
Boyle, Helen N., committee member
Akiba, Motoko, committee member
Florida State University, degree granting institution
College of Education, degree granting college
Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies, degree granting department
Type of Resource: text
Genre: Text
Doctoral Thesis
Issuance: monographic
Date Issued: 2018
Publisher: Florida State University
Place of Publication: Tallahassee, Florida
Physical Form: computer
online resource
Extent: 1 online resource (96 pages)
Language(s): English
Abstract/Description: Disparities in school discipline for Black students has been a problem for decades. The negative effects of exclusionary discipline have been well-documented. This problem must be addressed by educational stakeholders in order to take steps to reduce the issue and provide interventions to reduce the disproportionality. Disproportionality in discipline prevents schools from achieving the ultimate goal of fostering positive outcomes for all students. School-Wide Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support Programs have created a systems-level approach to reducing overall school discipline issues. Some studies have identified SW-PBIS programs that have been able to reduce disparities in secondary schools and increase graduation rates, however, studies of SW-PBIS and disproportionality have overlooked disparities in elementary schools. The present study contributed to the current research base by investigating elementary disparity rates and how schools are using a SW-PBIS system to lower those rates. It also identifies factors that create strong programs successful in reducing disparity rates as well as factors that hinder the success of schools with disparity problems. This qualitative analysis revealed four themes that are critical to the success of a SW-PBIS system in lowering disparity rates: training, finding the root of the negative behavior, high expectations, and support for teachers. Implications for professional development, data tracking, and measuring disproportionality in schools are discussed.
Identifier: 2018_Su_Toll_fsu_0071E_14763 (IID)
Submitted Note: A Dissertation submitted to the Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Education.
Degree Awarded: Summer Semester 2018.
Date of Defense: May 17, 2018.
Keywords: Discipline Disparities, SW-PBIS
Bibliography Note: Includes bibliographical references.
Advisory Committee: Stacey Rutledge, Professor Directing Dissertation; Ithel Jones, University Representative; Helen Boyle, Committee Member; Motoko Akiba, Committee Member.
Subject(s): Educational leadership
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Host Institution: FSU

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