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Bilingual Brain

Title: The Bilingual Brain: Investigating the Impact of Codeswitching.
Name(s): Kidd, Alexis M., author
Type of Resource: text
Genre: Text
Bachelor Thesis
Date Issued: 2020-11-23
Physical Form: computer
online resource
Extent: 1 online resource
Language(s): English
Abstract/Description: While many studies have evaluated codeswitching from a sociolinguistic perspective, and other studies have looked at language switching from a neurological perspective, this thesis proposes that the codeswitching process should be further researched from a neurolinguistic perspective. Studies have demonstrated that many factors of multilingualism affect brain structures and that bilingualism has even been demonstrated to improve cognitive reserve in individuals. By discussing these studies and these neurological findings, the question about codeswitching being able to affect brain structures and even further improve cognitive reserve in bilinguals is raised.
Identifier: FSU_libsubv1_scholarship_submission_1606248181_eb77e10a (IID)
Keywords: bilingualism, codeswitching, neurological, language acquisition, multilingualism, neuroplasticity
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