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Art on Campus

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Title: Art Gallery

Now the Museum of Fine Arts at Florida State University, the original art gallery was founded in 1950. It occupied a small room at its inception and was staffed by volunteer faculty and had no dedicated funding.

Title: Artist Series

The Artist Series brings cultural entertainment to FSU’s campus. It was founded with the idea that a university, in order to provide a balanced intellectual environment, cannot be about only instruction and recreation. These materials reflect the Artist Series offerings in the late 1950s.

Title: Musical Performances

The School of Music has been the center of FSU’s musical performance scene for many years. During the 1950s, it hosted faculty and graduate recitals, opera, symphonies and other university performance groups.

Title: Theater and Dance Performances

This collection holds programs from An Evening of Dance performances given by the Theater Dance group frequently during the 1950s.