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FSU Lives: Portal to the Past, Prologue to the Future

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Title: Academic Life
Description: The collections here reflect the academic life at FSU in the 1950s. Growing enrollment of the student body helped to support the growing number of programs and degrees offered by the school. It also helped to support continuing education opportunities such as conferences and workshops that people...
Title: Art on Campus
Description: Art at FSU during the 1950s was a particularly thriving area of campus life. From performances held by students of the Schools of Music, Dance and Theatre to the campus Art Gallery and a continuing series of performances brought to FSU, art was an important component to a student’s experience d...
Title: College and Graduate School Publications

The 1950s saw FSU grow into a premier co-educational research institution. Many new schools were founded and programs introduced during this era. These collections reflect the activities of the students, faculty and staff as they worked to create and improve academic programs at FSU.

Title: Commencement

This collection consists of programs from the different semester graduations throughout the 1950s. It includes a special 1950 Lafayette Commencement Program when the University honored the Marquis de Lafayette as part of the Commencement celebrations.

Title: President's Report
Description: The bi-yearly President’s Report gives a clear picture of the University, its achievements and its needs. The reports from the 1950s show a University growing into its new co-educational status as well as an increase in new buildings and programs on campus to welcome the growing number of stude...
Title: Student and Campus Life

FSU has always enjoyed a vibrant student culture on campus. The collections included here explore some of the most honored student traditions during the 1950s from Homecoming to the Flying High Circus, a truly unique FSU student experience.

Title: Yearbooks

The yearbooks from 1950 to 1959 show the great changes that occurred on campus during this era as well as the faculty, staff and students that were helping to shape FSU as it grew into a premier co-ed research institution.