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Multistability In An Unusual Phase Diagram Induced By The Competition Between Antiferromagnetic-like Short-range And Ferromagnetic-like Long-range Interactions
Critical Filling Factor For The Formation Of A Quantum Wigner Crystal Screened By A Nearby Layer
Classification Of Symmetry Derived Pairing At The M Point In Fese
Static And Dynamic Signatures Of Anisotropic Electronic Phase Separation In La2/3ca1/3mno3 Thin Films Under Anisotropic Strain
Multiple Crossovers And Coherent States In A Mott-peierls Insulator
Forbidden Coherent Transfer Observed Between Two Realizations Of Quasiharmonic Spin Systems
Possible Devil's Staircase In The Kondo Lattice Cesbse
Landau-level Spectroscopy Of Massive Dirac Fermions In Single-crystalline Zrte5 Thin Flakes
Magnetic Properties Of The Triangular Lattice Magnets A(4)b ' B2o12 (a=ba, Sr, La; B '=co, Ni, Mn; B=w, Re)
Effects Of Uniaxial Pressure On The Quantum Tunneling Of Magnetization In A High-symmetry Mn-12 Single-molecule Magnet
Decoherence In Semiconductor Nanostructures With Type-ii Band Alignment
Hybridization Gap In The Heavy-fermion Compound Upd2al3 Via Quasiparticle Scattering Spectroscopy
Structural And Magnetic Properties Of Two Branches Of The Tripod-kagome-lattice Family A(2)r(3)sb(3)o(14) (a = Mg, Zn; R = Pr, Nd, Gd, Tb, Dy, Ho, Er, Yb)
Entanglement Entropy And Topological Order In Resonating Valence-bond Quantum Spin Liquids
Simultaneous metal-insulator and antiferromagnetic transitions in orthorhombic perovskite iridate Sr0.94Ir0.78O2.68 single crystals
Physical properties of the Ce2MAl7Ge4 heavy-fermion compounds (M = Co, Ir, Ni, Pd)
Ground-state tuning of metal-insulator transition by compositional variations in BaIr1-xRuxO3 (0 <= x <= 1)
Equilibrium, metastability, and hysteresis in a model spin-crossover material with nearest-neighbor antiferromagnetic-like and long-range ferromagnetic-like interactions
Transport, magnetic, and optical properties of electrochemically doped poly(1,          4-dimethoxy phenylene vinylene)