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Spatiotemporal Variability Of No2 And Pm2.5 Over Eastern China
Statistical Evidence For The Role Of Southwestern Indian Ocean Heat Content In The Indian Summer Monsoon Rainfall
Statistical Evidence for the Role of Southwestern Indian Ocean Heat Content in the Indian Summer Monsoon Rainfall.
New Approach For Incorporating N-15 Isotopic Data Into Linear Inverse Ecosystem Models With Markov Chain Monte Carlo Sampling
new approach for incorporating 15N isotopic data into linear inverse ecosystem models with Markov Chain Monte Carlo sampling.
Geographical Distribution Of Diurnal And Semidiurnal Parametric Subharmonic Instability In A Global Ocean Circulation Model
Downscaling Future Climate Change Projections Over Puerto Rico Using A Non-hydrostatic Atmospheric Model
Role of Rough Topography in Mediating Impacts of Bottom Drag in Eddying Ocean Circulation Models.
Semidiurnal Internal Tide Incoherence In The Equatorial Pacific
Assessing Crop Yield Simulations Driven By The Narccap Regional Climate Models In The Southeast United States
Comparison of the ocean surface vector winds from atmospheric reanalysis and scatterometer-based wind products over the Nordic Seas and the northern North Atlantic and their application for ocean modeling
Frequency Content Of Sea Surface Height Variability From Internal Gravity Waves To Mesoscale Eddies
Semidiurnal Internal Tide Energy Fluxes And Their Variability In A Global Ocean Model And Moored Observations
Temperature-Salinity Structure of the North Atlantic Circulation and Associated Heat and Freshwater Transports
An Assessment of Multimodel Simulations for the Variability of Western North Pacific Tropical Cyclones and Its Association with ENSO
Contribution of Monthly and Regional Rainfall to the Strength of Indian Summer Monsoon
Working with Climate Projections to Estimate Disease Burden
The oceanic influence on the rainy season of Peninsular Florida
The sensitivity of southeastern United States climate to varying irrigation vigor
Characterizing the onset and demise of the Indian summer monsoon
Impact of Parameterized Internal Wave Drag on the Semidiurnal Energy Balance in a Global Ocean Circulation Model
Fast multidimensional ensemble empirical mode decomposition for the analysis of big spatio-temporal datasets.
A framework to quantify uncertainty in simulations of oil transport in the ocean
Applying Automated Underway Ship Observations to Numerical Model Evaluation
Stationary mesoscale eddies, upgradient eddy fluxes, and the anisotropy of eddy diffusivity
Greenland freshwater pathways in the sub-Arctic Seas from model experiments with passive tracers
Estimation Of Net Surface Radiation Using Eddy Flux Tower Data Over A Tropical Mangrove Forest Of Sundarban, West Bengal
Heat content of the Arabian Sea Mini Warm Pool is increasing
Analysis methods for characterizing salinity variability from multivariate time series          applied to the Apalachicola Bay estuary
Evaluation of dynamically downscaled reanalysis precipitation data for hydrological          application in the southeast United States
High-latitude ocean and sea ice surface fluxes
California reanalysis downscaling at 10 km using an ocean-atmosphere coupled regional model system
Understanding wet season variations over Florida
Generation of mesoscale eddies in the lee of the Hawaiian Islands
High-resolution satellite surface latent heat fluxes in North Atlantic          hurricanes
Climate scenarios
Climate Data Issues from an Oceanographic Remote Sensing Perspective
On the variability of the Mediterranean Outflow Water in the Atlantic Ocean from 1948          to 2006
Operational marine forecasters and the importance of marine forecasting
proxy for high-resolution regional reanalysis for the Southeast United States
vortex isolation and removal algorithm for numerical weather prediction model          tropical cyclone applications
comparison of sequential assimilation schemes for ocean prediction with the HYbrid          Coordinate Ocean Model (HYCOM). Part I
arrested Agulhas retroflection
latent heat retrieval and its effects on the intensity and structure change of          Hurricane Guillermo (1997). Part I
modeling study of the interaction between the Atlantic Warm Pool, the tropical          Atlantic easterlies, and the Lesser Antilles
influence of the Atlantic Warm Pool on Panhandle Florida Sea Breeze
Dynamic downscaling of the North American Monsoon with the NCEP-Scripps Regional          Spectral Model from the NCEP CFS global model
Recent historically low global tropical cyclone activity
Quantifying variance due to temporal and spatial difference between ship and satellite          winds
Generation of an empirical soil moisture initialization and its potential impact on          subseasonal forecasting skill of continental precipitation and air temperature