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Feedback-Related Electroencephalogram Oscillations of Athletes With High and Low Sports Anxiety.
Inhibition, Updating Working Memory, and Shifting Predict Reading Disability Symptoms in a Hybrid Model
Reading on Paper and Screen among Senior Adults
Non-native Speech Learning in Older Adults.
Metastable Pain-Attention Dynamics during Incremental Exhaustive Exercise.
Perceived Interpersonal Burdensomeness as a Mediator between Nightmare Distress and Suicidal Ideation in Nightmare Sufferers.
How to Make Nothing Out of Something
Development and Validation of a Revised Version of the Math Anxiety Scale for Young Children.
Does Exercise Improve Cognitive Performance? A Conservative Message from Lord's Paradox.
Do Our Means of Inquiry Match our Intentions?
Consequences of Misspecifying Levels of Variance in Cross-Classified Longitudinal Data Structures.
Higher Self-Control Capacity Predicts Lower Anxiety-Impaired Cognition during Math Examinations.
Autonomic Nervous System Responses During Perception of Masked Speech may Reflect Constructs other than Subjective Listening Effort.
Modeling the Relations Among Morphological Awareness Dimensions, Vocabulary Knowledge, and Reading Comprehension in Adult Basic Education Students.
Top-down and bottom-up contributions to understanding sentences describing objects in motion.