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conserved glycine harboring disease-associated mutations permits NMDA receptor slow deactivation and high Ca permeability.
Revealing the biexciton and trion-exciton complexes in BN encapsulated WSe.
Efficient generation of neutral and charged biexcitons in encapsulated WSe monolayers.
Biexcitons in monolayer transition metal dichalcogenides tuned by magnetic fields.
Tropical peatland carbon storage linked to global latitudinal trends in peat recalcitrance.
Phylogenomics uncovers early hybridization and adaptive loci shaping the radiation of Lake Tanganyika cichlid fishes.
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TcO remediation by a cationic polymeric network.
nature of spin excitations in the one-third magnetization plateau phase of BaCoSbO.
High-veracity functional imaging in scanning probe microscopy via Graph-Bootstrapping.
How high energy fluxes may affect Rayleigh-Taylor instability growth in young supernova remnants.
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Marine spatial planning makes room for offshore aquaculture in crowded coastal waters.
Advancing behavioural genomics by considering timescale.
Single-cell replication profiling to measure stochastic variation in mammalian replication timing.
Beyond a phenomenological description of magnetostriction.
Pseudogap phase of cuprate superconductors confined by Fermi surface topology.
mesoporous cationic thorium-organic framework that rapidly traps anionic persistent organic pollutants.
Transformation of doped graphite into cluster-encapsulated fullerene cages.
Organic coating on biochar explains its nutrient retention and stimulation of soil fertility.
Organocatalyzed synthesis of fluorinated poly(aryl thioethers).
Robust spin correlations at high magnetic fields in the harmonic honeycomb iridates.
Platelet function is modified by common sequence variation in megakaryocyte super enhancers.
mA pathway facilitates sex determination in Drosophila.
Polar rotor scattering as atomic-level origin of low mobility and thermal conductivity of perovskite CHNHPbI.
Overcoming the crystallization and designability issues in the ultrastable zirconium phosphonate framework system.
Rare earth separations by selective borate crystallization.
One-dimensional organic lead halide perovskites with efficient bluish white-light emission.
Stability of peatland carbon to rising temperatures.
Extreme warming challenges sentinel status of kelp forests as indicators of climate change.
route for a strong increase of critical current in nanostrained iron-based superconductors.
Temperature-driven massless Kane fermions in HgCdTe crystals.
Crystallization of spin superlattices with pressure and field in the layered magnet SrCu2(BO3)2.
Interplanar coupling-dependent magnetoresistivity in high-purity layered metals.
Stereocilia-staircase spacing is influenced by myosin III motors and their cargos espin-1 and espin-like.
tunable artificial circadian clock in clock-defective mice.