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Late Quaternary history of southern Cumberland Island, Georgia
A proposed curriculum model for the development of a process of valuing at the secondary school level
[1+∞=¿]: Eden, Dystopia, and a theistic humanism
The mafia in America: the media's influence on stereotypes of Italian Americans
Semantic fast mapping in kindergarteners after minimal exposure to written non-words
Development of data analysis for the investigation of the physical properties of polystyrene mixtures
Copper bis(phenanthroline) complexes as simple models for molecular transducers
Nucleon pairing approximations in the nuclear shell model
The sonic fetish: a study of the Marxist approach to popular music
Wilde women: gender and performance in the social comedies of Oscar Wilde
Finding virtue in the feminine: Plutarch's precepts for women
Identification of novel nuclear markers for use in phylogenetic analysis
distribution and program design of the IMF's poverty reduction and growth facility
D1 antagonist & [delta] FosB
Read all about it: a college musical
Audience costs, autocratic regimes, and militarized conflict