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Predicting Third Grade Students' FCAT Reading Achievement and Oral Reading Fluency          Using Student Demographic, Academic History, and Performance Indicators
Qualitative Study of Systemic Factors Contributing to Successful Implementation of Response to Intervention Programs in Elementary Schools
Self-Esteem and Locus of Control
Athlete Coping and the Influence of Coach Leadership Behaviors in Elite Figure Skaters
Long-Term Effects of Peer Victimization
Mothers and Fathers of Invention
Impact of Perceived Social Support on Event Stressfulness, Core Beliefs Disruption, and Posttraumatic Growth in College Students
Mindful Growth
Role of Mindfulness and Acceptance on the Life Satisfaction of Gender, Racial, and Sexual Minorities
Exploring Parents' Perception of Stress Related to Challenging Behaviors in School-Age Boys with ASDS
Influence of Perceived Stress on the Relationship between Perfectionism and Burnout in Specialized versus Multiple Sport Division II and III Track and Field Collegiate Athletes
Predicting Quality of Life and GPA among Postsecondary Students with Psychiatric Disabilities
Environmental Predictors of College Adjustment for Student Veterans
Improving the Study Habits of Adolescents with ADHD
Moderating Effects of Expectancies on the Relationships Between Negative Urgency and Eating Disorder Symptoms, Alcohol Use, and Alcohol-Related Negative Consequences Among College Students
Ethnic Differences in the Impact of Psychosocial Resources on Well-Being of Family Caregivers of Individuals with Dementia
Mindfulness Meditation Training for Sport and Injury Rehabilitation with High School Athletes