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Business of Informal Learning
Competencies for Instructional Designers
Descriptive Post Titles as Advance Organizer
Design, Implementation, and Evaluation of an Interprofessional, Continuing Education Course in Biomedical Ethics Using Problem Based Learning
Effect of Using Guided Questions and Collaborative Groups for Complex Problem Solving on Performance and Attitude in a Web-Enhanced Learning Environment
Effects of Different Types of Annotations on College Students' Foreign Language Learning in the Synchronous Multimodal Computer-Mediated Communication Environment
Effects of Faded Scaffolding in Computer-Based Instruction on Learners' Performance, Cognitive Load, and Test                 Anxiety
Effects of Levels of Instructional Assistance on Learning and Mental Effort in an Intelligent Tutoring System
Effects of Presentation Timing and Learner Control on Effectiveness and Efficiency on Learning Statistics Skills
Effects of Reflection on Student's Technology Integration Self-Efficacy in an Educational Technology Course
Effects of Representation Format in Problem Representation on Qualitative Understanding and Quantitative Proficiency in a                 Learning Game Context
Examination of Self-Regulated Learning and Professional Growth within Online, Informal Communities of Practice
Examining the Relationship between Prior Knowledge, Causal Maps, and Causal Mapping Processes
Examining the Use of First Principles of Instruction by Instructional Designers in a Short-Term, High Volume, Rapid Production of Online K-12 Teacher Professional          Development Modules
Exploring the Effectiveness of Collaborative Assessment Preparation with Immediate Feedback in an Intensive Adult English as a Second Language Classroom
Graph and Property Set Analysis
Health Care Reform as a Critical Life Event
How University Students Contribute to Group Work
Impact of Gender and Rank on Job Satisfaction Among Rehabilitation Counselor Educators
Improving Undergraduates' Problem-Solving Skills through Video Gameplay
Investigation of the Effects of Model-Centered Instruction in Individual and Collaborative Contexts
Modeling the Reasoning Processes in Experts and Novices' Argument Diagramming Task
Online Learners' Satisfaction
Qualitative Cross-Case Analysis of Three Real-World Mobile Performance Support Design Models
Role Assignment and Sense of Community in an Online Course
Using Social Network Analysis (SNA) Feedback to Explore Patterns of Participation and Interaction in Online Discussions