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Effect of Instructional Interventions on Undergraduate Students' Responsiveness to Online Course Evaluations and the          Quality of Their Feedback
Sequential Analysis of Collaborative Writing and Editing Processes in Wikis
Effects of Different Computer-Supported Collaboration Scripts on Students' Learning          Processes and Outcome in a Simulation-Based Collaborative Learning Environment
Learning by Restorying
Effects of Emotional Support and Cognitive Motivational Messages on Math Anxiety, Self-Efficacy, and Math Problem Solving
Effect of Contrasting Analogies on Understanding of and Reasoning About Natural Selection
Effect of Communication Strategy and Planning Intervention on the Processes and Performance of Course Material Development Teams
Discursive Positioning Between Literacy Coaches and Teachers in an Asynchronous Online Environment
Exploring Students' Mapping Behaviors and Interactive Discourses in a Case Diagnosis Problem
How Reflection Prompts Impact Critical Thinking Skills
Examination of Factors Influencing Student Performance and Persistence in a          Heavily-Text Based Secondary Online Learning Environment
Effects of Reusable Motivational Objects in Designing Reusable Learning Object‐Based Instruction
Cognitive Model of Knowledge Transformation in Authoring Hypertext