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Emotional Control, Commitment, & Performance
Self-Presentational Concern as an Antecedent of Athletic Injury
International Student Athlete
Impact of Yoga on Psychological Health in Older Adults
Time Estimation Among Basketball Players
Investigation into the Temporal Patterning of Performance Affectivity and Coping in the Performing Arts
Determinants of Social Physique Anxiety in Collegiate Female Athletes
Facilitation of Automaticity
Examination into the Temporal Patterning of Emotions, Cognitions, and Coping Strategies in Instrumental Performers
Beneficial Role of External Focus
Effect of Coach Expectations on Athletes' Motivation to Practice
Dynamic Nature of the Emotion-Cognition Link in Trapshooting Performance
Ironic Processes of Mental Control of Action in Tennis
Visual and Skill Effects on Soccer Passing
Self-Theories of Mental Skill Abilities in Collegiate Athletes
Relationship Between Self-Presentation, Body Image Satisfaction, and Body Change Strategies in Weight Class and Non-Weight Class Male Athletes
Examination of the Integrative Relationship Among the Factors of Achievement Goal          Theory and Self-Determination Theory
Relationship Between Perfectionism and Burnout in Coaches
Be a Performance Enhancement Consultant
Effects of Meta-Motivational Dominance Sensation Seeking on Performance under Pressure
Cognitions and Emotions Experienced under Pressure
Motivation and Coping in the Sport of Triathlons
Relationship Between Body Image Dissatisfaction with Social Physique Anxiety and Exercise Behaviors in the Context of Romantic Relationship
Effects of Imagery on Perceived Exertion, Attention, and Exercise Adherence
Responses to Perceived Effort in Children
Game Reading Skills in Soccer
Motivation in High School Sport Athletes
Effect of Self-Talk on Attention Allocation, Perception of Effort, and Exercise Endurance
Client Motivation, Working Alliance and the Use of Homework in Psychotherapy
You Are What You Do
Predicting Physical Activity in Former High School Athletes
Functional Model of Team Leadership for Sport
Meta-Analytic Structural Equation Modeling (MASEM)
Relationship Between Social Support and College Adjustment in Intercollegiate          Athletes
Flow, Attentional Strategy, and Self-Presentation in Runner Participating in 5 and 10          Kilometer Road Races
Applied Golf Research
Self-Presentation and Health-Damaging Behaviors in Sport
Relationship Between Satisfaction with Social Support and Career Thoughts in College Student Athletes
Validation of the Spanish Version of the Gifted Rating Scales
Decision-Making and Reported Thought Processes Among Expert, Intermediate, and Novice Poker Players
Relationship Between the Expectation of Pain and Precompetitive Anxiety
Evaluation of Yoga for the Reduction of Fall Risk Factors in Older Adults
Computerized Pedagogical Agents as an Intervention to Increase Youth Self-Efficacy for Physical Activity
Singer's Five-Step Approach