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Antecendents to Parent Emotion-Related Socialization Behaviors
Climbing to the Top
Comparing Early Father-Daughter, Father-Son, Mother-Daughter, and Mother-Son Verbal Interactions in Low-SES Families
Effect of an Instrumental Statement as a Treatment for Increasing Academic Reading Engagement
Effect of Parental Feedback on Young Athletes' Percieved Motivational Climate, Goal Involvement, Emotions, and Performance
Effects of Guided Imagery and HRV Biofeedback Training on Psychological Variables and Post-Operative Outcome Measures of Orthopaedic Surgical Patients
Effects of Reading Purpose on Levels of Mental Representation and General Comprehension of Texts in Middle School Students
Exploring Firefighters' Views of Personal Impact, Coping Strategies, and Social Support Following Work-Related Crises
Exploring the Effectiveness of Collaborative Assessment Preparation with Immediate Feedback in an Intensive Adult English as a Second Language Classroom
How the Onset of Bipolar Disorder Impacts College Students' Motivation and Ability to Engage in Self-Regulated Learning
Intelligence Mindset Across a Semester
Mindful Growth
Qualitative Study of Systemic Factors Contributing to Successful Implementation of Response to Intervention Programs in Elementary Schools
Relations of Parental Acculturation, Parental Mediation, and Children's Educational Television Program Viewing in Immigrant Families
Relationship Among Vocabulary Knowledge, Syntactic Awareness and Reading Comprehension
Relationship Between Resident Assistants' Perceived Competency and Knowledge of Suicide, and Their Intervention                 Behaviors
Relationships among Behavioral Engagement, Self-Efficacy, Academic Achievement, and Career Choice among Middle School Mathematics Students
Relatonship Between Sport Perffectionism, Self-Efficacy and Perceived Performance
Role of Parent Oral Language Input in the Development of Child Emergent Literacy Skills
Role of Vocabulary Knowledge, Syntactic Awareness and Metacognitive Awareness in Reading Comprehension of Adult English Language Learners
Self-Regulatory Decision-Making in Reading for Comprehension
Teacher Talk in First Grade Classrooms
Teacher-Efficacy and Cultural Receptivity as Predictors of Burnout in Novice Urban          Teachers after One Year of Teaching
Teachers' View of the Role VAM Plays in Their Work in the School and School Community
Trash Talk Behavior Amongst Collegiate Athletes
Use of a Meta-Analysis Technique in Equating and Its Comparison with Several Small Sample Equating Methods
Validation of the English Language Version of the Teacher Self-Regulation Scale for U.S. K-12 Teachers