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Career Decision Making Experiences of College Students in the Visual Arts
Career Indecision, Negative Career Thoughts, and Vocational Interest Structure of First-Generation and Other College          Students
Change Management in Business
Client Motivation, Working Alliance and the Use of Homework in Psychotherapy
Connection Between Psychopathology and Dysfunctional Career Thoughts
Counseling Center Outreach and Its Relationship Between Help Seeking Behavior and Suicidality
Dysfunctional Career Thinking as a Predictor of Depression and Hopelessness in Students Seeking Career Services
Expert and Novice Practitioner Use of the Computer-Based Test Interpretation for the          Self-Directed Search
Exploring the Impact of a Career Development Intervention on the Career Decision-Making Self-Efficacy and Goal Instability of First Generation College Students, Given Perceived Barriers
Gender Differences in Post-Trauma Symptoms and Trauma-Related Treatment Referrals in Juvenile Offenders
Goal Instability in Relation to Career Thoughts, Career Decision State, and Performance          in a Career Development Course
Help-Seeking Attitudes and Behaviors of Graduate Psychology Students
Impact of Greek Life Membership on Vocational Identity, Career Self-Efficacy, and Goal Instability of College          Students
Impact of Perfectionism Type on the Career Self-Efficacy, Vocational Identity, and Interest Differentiation of College Students
Impact of the Self-Directed Search, Vocational Identity, and Anxiety on Career Exploratory Behavior
Maladaptive Cognitive Schemas as Mediators Between Perfectionism and Psychological Distress
Meaning in Life in College Student Veterans
Preliminary Validation of the Eating Behaviors and Attitudes Inventory (EBAI)
Relationship Among Career Anchors, Negative Career Thoughts, Vocational Identity, and Hope in Freelance Production Crew for Film and Television
Relationship among Dysfunctional Career Thoughts, Interest Profile Elevation, and Ability Self-Estimates
Relationships Among Calling, Religiousness, and Dysfunctional Career Thoughts in Public University Students
Relationships Among Negative Career Thoughts, Profile Elevation, Differentiation, Career Decidedness, and Satisfaction with          Choice
Relationships Among Neuroticism, Dysfunctional Career Thoughts, and Coping Strategies
Relationships Among Overt and Covert Narcissism and Vocational Interests with Respect to Gender
Self-Directed Search Interest Profile Elevation, Big Five Personality Factors, and Interest Secondary Constructs in a College Career Course
Survey of the Methods and Processes Involved in Interventions with ADHD Clients from a Psychologist and ADHD Coach Perspective
Using Interest Inventory Profile Elevation to Predict Depression and Anxiety in Individuals with Disabilities Resulting from a Personal Injury
Validity of the Addiction Prone Personality Scale