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Heritage Language Learners' Perceptions of Taking Spanish Language Classes
Comparison of Methods for Detecting Differential Distractor Functioning
Relationship Between Health Status, Life Satisfaction, and Humor as a Coping Mechanism Among Noninstitutionalized Older Adults
Pre-Service Teachers' Beliefs Regarding Student Mistakes during Informal Assessments
How Does Sluggish Cognitive Tempo Relate to ADHD in a Sample of College Students?
Self-Determination Theory Perspective on Burnout Among Korean Athletes
Social Support Expectations of Injured Athletes
Dynamic Nature of the Emotion-Cognition Link in Trapshooting Performance
Self-Theories of Mental Skill Abilities in Collegiate Athletes
Effect of Adaptive Confidence Strategies in Computer-Assisted Instruction on Learning and Learner Confidence
Accuracy of Teacher Ratings in Predicting Cognitive Ability and Achievement
Academic Success Inventory for College Students
Imagery Use in Unskilled and Skilled Golfers
Expectations and Experience
Responses to Perceived Effort in Children
Perceptions of Zero Tolerance Among Florida School Administrators and School Resource Officers
Influence of Pre-Service Teachers' Perceived Instrumentality on Their Motivation and Cognition in Teacher Education Courses
Effects of Video Self-Modeling on the Letter-Naming Skills of Preschool Children with Developmental Delays
Discursive Positioning Between Literacy Coaches and Teachers in an Asynchronous Online Environment
Motivation in High School Sport Athletes
Prevalence of Anxiety in Individuals with Nut Allergies
Analysis of the Academic Success Inventory for College Students
Effects of Collaboration on Grade Retention Decision Making
Applied Golf Research
Effects of Key Concepts Availability and Individual Preparation in the Form of Proposition Formation in Collaborative Concept Mapping on Learning, Problem Solving,          and Learner Attitudes
Teacher-Efficacy and Cultural Receptivity as Predictors of Burnout in Novice Urban          Teachers after One Year of Teaching
Evaluation of Yoga for the Reduction of Fall Risk Factors in Older Adults
Self-Efficacy, State Anxiety, and Motivation during Mandatory Combatives Training
Prekindergarten Teachers' Training on Children's Behavioral Problems in the Classroom
Intercultural Communication and Foreign Language Anxiety