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Item Purification in Differential Item Functioning Using Generalized Linear Mixed Models
Effects of Self-Regulated Learning Strategy Training on Learners' Achievement, Motivation and Strategy Use in a Web-Enhanced          Instructional Environment
Effects of Ethnicity and Message Content on Affective Outcomes in a Computer-Based Learning Environment
Development and Formative Evaluation of a Human Performance Intervention Evaluation Model
Career Decision Making Experiences of College Students in the Visual Arts
Facilitation of Automaticity
Effect of Different Types of Worked Examples on Student Learning and Transfer of a Problem Solving Task
Construction of a Measure to Assess the Development of Resilience in Adolescents of African Descent
Domain Specificity of Teachers' Epistemological Beliefs About Academic Knowledge
Comparison of Two Standardized Measures for Evaluating Academic Competence in College Students
Beneficial Role of External Focus
Communicating Effectively
Effects of Model-Centered Instruction and Levels of Learner Expertise on Effectiveness, Efficiency, and Engagement with Ill-Structured Problem Solving
Maladaptive Cognitive Schemas as Mediators Between Perfectionism and Psychological Distress
Understanding Changes in Team-Related and Task-Related Mental Models and Their Effects on Team and Individual Performance
Student Perceptions of Problems' Structuredness, Complexity, Situatedness, and Information Richenss and Their Effects on Problem-Solving Performance
Effect of Coach Expectations on Athletes' Motivation to Practice
Dynamic Nature of the Emotion-Cognition Link in Trapshooting Performance
Ironic Processes of Mental Control of Action in Tennis
Psychosocial Influences on College Attendance Among First and Continuing-Generation          College Students
After-Exercise Shower
Using Annotated Concept Map Assessments as Predictors of Performance and Understanding of Complex Problems for Teacher Technology Integration
Examination of the Integrative Relationship Among the Factors of Achievement Goal          Theory and Self-Determination Theory
Effect of Mental Training with Biofeedback on Entering Optimal Individual          Affect-Related Performance Zones
Effects of Pedagogical Agent-Delivered Persuasive Messages with Fear Appeal on Learners' Attitude Change
Examination of Factors Influencing Student Performance and Persistence in a          Heavily-Text Based Secondary Online Learning Environment
Analysis of the Academic Success Inventory for College Students
Shared Knowledge in High School Basketball Teams
Effects of Field Dependent/Independent Style Awareness on Learning Strategies and Outcomes in an Instructional Hypermedia Module
Effects of Collaboration on Grade Retention Decision Making
Therapist Directiveness and Client Reactance in the Administration of Homework in Therapy
Effect of Guided Questioning on Student Achievement, Self Regulatory Behavior, and          Self-Efficacy in a Biology for Non Majors Class
Skill Acquisition in Ballet Dancers
Self-Presentation and Health-Damaging Behaviors in Sport
From Obstacles to Triumph
Evaluation of Yoga for the Reduction of Fall Risk Factors in Older Adults
Self-Efficacy, State Anxiety, and Motivation during Mandatory Combatives Training
Prekindergarten Teachers' Training on Children's Behavioral Problems in the Classroom
Intercultural Communication and Foreign Language Anxiety
Application of the Cognitive Information Processing Theory to Decision Processes Involving Cosmetic Surgery
Computerized Pedagogical Agents as an Intervention to Increase Youth Self-Efficacy for Physical Activity
Qualitative Study of Systemic Factors Contributing to Successful Implementation of Response to Intervention Programs in Elementary Schools
Self-Esteem and Locus of Control
How University Students Contribute to Group Work
Four Methods for Combining Dependent Effects from Studies Reporting Regression Analysis
Effects of Faded Scaffolding in Computer-Based Instruction on Learners' Performance, Cognitive Load, and Test                 Anxiety
Effect of ARCS-Based Motivational Email Messages on Participation in an Online ESOL Class
Improving the Study Habits of Adolescents with ADHD
Error-Detection in Marksmanship