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Effects of Embodied Interactions on Learning in a Kinect-Enabled Learning Environment
Effects of Presentation Timing and Learner Control on Effectiveness and Efficiency on Learning Statistics Skills
Effects of Representation Format in Problem Representation on Qualitative Understanding and Quantitative Proficiency in a                 Learning Game Context
Assessing Job Negotiation Competencies of College Students Using Evidence-Centered Design and Branching Simulations
Effects of Game-Based Learning in an Opensim-Supported Virtual Environment for Mathematical Performance
Competencies for Instructional Designers
Effects of Faded Scaffolding in Computer-Based Instruction on Learners' Performance, Cognitive Load, and Test                 Anxiety
Effects of Reflection on Student's Technology Integration Self-Efficacy in an Educational Technology Course
To Help, or Not to Help?
Examining the Relationship between Prior Knowledge, Causal Maps, and Causal Mapping Processes
Integration of Automated Essay Scoring Systems into the Equating Process for Mixed-Format Tests
Modeling the Reasoning Processes in Experts and Novices' Argument Diagramming Task
Improving Undergraduates' Problem-Solving Skills through Video Gameplay
Can Playing a Video Game Foster Computational Thinking Skills?
Online Learners' Satisfaction