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Assessing Job Negotiation Competencies of College Students Using Evidence-Centered Design and Branching Simulations
Can Playing a Video Game Foster Computational Thinking Skills?
Competencies for Instructional Designers
Effects of Embodied Interactions on Learning in a Kinect-Enabled Learning Environment
Effects of Faded Scaffolding in Computer-Based Instruction on Learners' Performance, Cognitive Load, and Test                 Anxiety
Effects of Game-Based Learning in an Opensim-Supported Virtual Environment for Mathematical Performance
Effects of Presentation Timing and Learner Control on Effectiveness and Efficiency on Learning Statistics Skills
Effects of Reflection on Student's Technology Integration Self-Efficacy in an Educational Technology Course
Effects of Representation Format in Problem Representation on Qualitative Understanding and Quantitative Proficiency in a                 Learning Game Context
Examining the Relationship between Prior Knowledge, Causal Maps, and Causal Mapping Processes
Improving Undergraduates' Problem-Solving Skills through Video Gameplay
Integration of Automated Essay Scoring Systems into the Equating Process for Mixed-Format Tests
Modeling the Reasoning Processes in Experts and Novices' Argument Diagramming Task
Online Learners' Satisfaction
To Help, or Not to Help?