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Examining the Underlying Dimensions of Morphological Awareness and Vocabulary Knowledge.
Exploring the Amount and Type of Writing Instruction during Language Arts Instruction in Kindergarten Classrooms.
Fostering Alphabet Knowledge Development
From Scribbles to Scrabble
Individual and group sensitivity to remedial reading program design
Modeling the development of written language.
Examining the contribution of handwriting and spelling to written expression in kindergarten children.
Preparing beginning reading teachers
Statistical Learning is Related to Early Literacy-Related Skills.
Academic Responding During Instruction and Reading Outcomes for Kindergarten Students At-risk for Reading Difficulties.
Applying a Multiple Group Causal Indicator Modeling Framework to the Reading Comprehension Skills of Third, Seventh, and Tenth Grade Students.
Dominance Analysis Approach to Determining Predictor Importance in Third, Seventh, and Tenth Grade Reading Comprehension Skills.
Dialect variation, dialect-shifting, and reading comprehension in second grade.
Contribution of Vocabulary Knowledge and Spelling to the Reading Comprehension of Adolescents Who Are and Are Not English Language Learners.
Developmental and Individual Differences in Chinese Writing.
Structure of Oral Language and Reading and Their Relation to Comprehension in Kindergarten through Grade 2.
Improving the Reliability of Student Scores from Speeded Assessments
Is Oral/Text Reading Fluency a "Bridge" to Reading Comprehension?
Writing Evaluation
Writing fluency and quality in kindergarten and first grade
Writing Quality in Chinese Children
effects of teacher read-alouds and student silent reading on predominantly bilingual high school seniors' learning and retention of social studies content.
contributions of vocabulary and letter writing automaticity to word reading and spelling for kindergartners.
Rapid serial naming and reading ability