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Analysis of Temporal Constraints in Qualitative Eligibility Criteria of Cancer Clinical Studies.
Constrained Active Learning for Anchor Link Prediction Across Multiple Heterogeneous Social Networks.
Construction and Optimization of a Large Gene Coexpression Network in Maize Using RNA-Seq Data.
Correction to
Enriching consumer health vocabulary through mining a social Q&A site
Evaluating Semantic Relations In Neural Word Embeddings With Biomedical And General Domain Knowledge Bases (vol 18, 65, 2018)
Evaluating semantic relations in neural word embeddings with biomedical and general domain knowledge bases.
harmonized segmentation protocol for hippocampal and parahippocampal subregions
Multiscale Model For Pedestrian And Infection Dynamics During Air Travel
RFID Ownership Transfer with Positive Secrecy Capacity Channels.
Rfid-based Smart Structure For The Supply Chain
RFID-Based Smart Structure for the Supply Chain
structure of the actin-smooth muscle myosin motor domain complex in the rigor state.
Systematically generated two-qubit anyon braids