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Analytical Electrochemical Impedance Modeling of Li-air Batteries Under D.C.          Discharge
Asymmetrical Fault Correction for the Sensitive Loads Using a Current Regulated Voltage Source Inverter
Dynamical Graph Theory Networks Methods for the Analysis of Sparse Functional Connectivity Networks and for Determining Pinning Observability in Brain Networks.
Efficient, Stable, and Low-Cost PbS Quantum Dot Solar Cells with Cr–Ag Electrodes
hybrid electrochemical device based on a synergetic inner combination of Li ion battery and Li ion capacitor for energy storage.
Modeling and Simulation of Single Nanobelt SnO2 Gas Sensors with FET Structure
Modeling of High-Efficiency Multi-Junction Polymer and Hybrid Solar Cells to Absorb Infrared Light
Modeling of Li-Air Batteries with Dual Electrolyte
Multi-stage Optimization Of A Deep Model
Multi-stage optimization of a deep model
Quantum Mechanical Effects on Random Oxide Thickness and Doping Fluctuations in          Ultrasmall Semiconductor Devices
Some Possible Approaches for Improving the Energy Density of Li-air Batteries
Statistical Analysis of Semiconductor Devices