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Bulk assembly of organic metal halide nanotubes.
Dirac Cone in two dimensional bilayer graphene by intercalation with V, Nb, and Ta transition metals
Effect of sheath material and reaction overpressure on Ag extrusions into the TiO insulation coating of Bi-2212 round wire.
Ethylene Carbonate-free Fluoroethylene Carbonate-based Electrolyte Works Better For Freestanding Si-based Composite Paper Anodes For Li-ion Batteries
Luminescent zero-dimensional organic metal halide hybrids with near-unity quantum efficiency.
Magnetic properties of doped Mn-Ga alloys made by mechanical milling and heat treatment
One-dimensional organic lead halide perovskites with efficient bluish white-light emission.
Polar Rotor Scattering As Atomic-level Origin Of Low Mobility And Thermal Conductivity Of Perovskite Ch3nh3pbi3
Polar rotor scattering as atomic-level origin of low mobility and thermal conductivity of perovskite CHNHPbI.