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Ballistic Thermal Transport in Carbyne and Cumulene with Micron-Scale Spectral Acoustic Phonon Mean Free Path
Characterization and Alignment of Carbon Nanofibers under Shear Force in Microchannel
Development of a Wireless Temperature Sensor Using Polymer-Derived Ceramics
Dissipation In Quantum Turbulence In Superfluid He-4 Above 1 K
Effect Of Synthetic Jet Modulation Schemes On The Reduction Of A Laminar Separation Bubble
Effects Of Nonuniform Viscosity On Ciliary Locomotion
Exploration Of Thermal Counterflow In He Ii Using Particle Tracking Velocimetry
The Impact of Li Grain Size on Coulombic Efficiency in Li Batteries
Intermittency Enhancement In Quantum Turbulence In Superfluid He-4
Network Community-based Model Reduction For Vortical Flows
Networked-oscillator-based Modeling And Control Of Unsteady Wake Flows
Polar rotor scattering as atomic-level origin of low mobility and thermal conductivity of perovskite CHNHPbI.
Time-averaged Three-dimensional Flow Topology In The Wake Of A Simplified Car Model Using Volumetric Piv