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Advancing Conservation By Understanding And Influencing Human Behavior
Agglomeration And Innovation
Collaboration at Arm's Length
County-Level Effects of Green Space Access on Physical Activity
Creating connected open space in Florida
Development Impact Fees
Does Sprawl Induce Affordable Housing?
Elderly Mobility and the Occupancy Status of Single Family Homes
Emerging issues in urban ecology
Examining the Influence of Multidestination Service Orientation on Transit Service          Productivity
Exploratory Analysis Of Revealed Pedestrian Paths As Cues For Designing Pedestrian Infrastructure
extent and context of human health considerations in London's spatial          development and climate action strategy
Florida's Planning Requirements and Affordability for Low-Income Households
Go-Gos, Slow-Gos, and No-Gos
Green Infrastructure and Public Health in the Florida Communities Trust Public Land          Acquisition Program
Green Infrastructure, Ecosystem Services, and Human Health
Greenway Accessibility and Physical Activity Behavior
Greenways as green magnets
Greenways as safe routes to school in a Latino community in East Los Angeles
inclusion of health in county comprehensive planning
Local Environment of Neighborhood Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities (NORC) in          a Mid-Sized U.S. City
Locational influence of land use type on the distribution of uses along urban river          greenways
Low-regrets Incrementalism
Narrating Resilience
Natural Burial as a Land Conservation Tool in the US
Nature and Death
Neighborhood Built And Social Environments And Change In Weight Status Over The Summer In Low-income Elementary School Children
Neighborhood Built and Social Environments and Change in Weight Status over the Summer in Low-Income Elementary School Children.
Neighborhood urban form, social environment, and depression
Planning for Cars in Cities
Planning for the disposal of the dead
Portrayal of Natural Environment in the Evolution of the Ecological Public Health                 Paradigm
Projecting Landscapes of Death
Promoting Active Communities Award
Public Health Ecology
Putting the Capital "E" Environment Into Ecological Models of Health
Relationship between Transit Ridership and Urban Decentralization
Severity of Road Crashes Involving Pedestrians in Metro Manila, Philippines
Social Diversity and Construction Era of Neighborhoods with Traditional Design Features
Social Geographies at Play
Subway Opening, Traffic Accessibility, And Housing Prices
Synthesis of Household Yard Area Dynamics in the City of San Juan Using Multi-Scalar Social-Ecological Perspectives
US Fire Learning Network
Using GIS to model the effects of green space accessibility on mortality in          Florida
Voluntary Collaboration For Adaptive Governance
Welcoming Animals Back to the City