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Analyses related to cubic and quintic polynomial equations
Analysis associated with reduced quintic polynomial equation
Analysis of a particular quintic polynomial equation
Analysis of cubic, quartic, and quintic expansions
Analysis related to solving reduced cubic polynomial equation
Comparison of coefficients for different summation expansions
Comparison of coefficients in different expansions
Comparison of terms in expansion (fourth degree)
Composition of various degreed expressions
Construction of quintic expressions
Cubic equation investigation (also includes listing of permutations of five elements)
Expansions and factoring of terms in multiple variables
Expansions and summations of fifth-degree term, with substitution
Expansions and summations of fifth-degree term, with substitution and comparison of coefficients
Expansions of products of quartic polynomial expressions
Expansions of terms in third-, fourth-, and fifth-degree polynomials
Expansions of various powers, with comparison of coefficients
Expansions related to quartic polynomial equation
Expansions related to quintic polynomial equation
Expressions and equations of various degree, including third- and fourth-degree equations
Expressions and equations of varying degree
Factoring cubic polynomials
Fifth-degree polynomial equations
Polynomial Eqs 1
General quintic polynomial equation and fifth roots of unity
Investigating solutions of cubic and quartic equations
Investigating solutions of polynomial equations
List of roots of unity for a given quartic polynomial equation
Manipulation of third-, fourth-, and fifth-degree polynomial equations
Multiplication of expressions involving cube roots
Non-standard solution for a quadratic equation
Of interest: general solution of reduced cubic equation
Quintic equation investigation
Quintic expansions, with comparison of coefficients
Random quadratic equation
Solution of general cubic and quartic equations
Solution of general quartic polynomial equation, using substitution
Solution of particular cubic polynomial equations
Solution of particular quartic polynomial equations, using substitution
Solution of third- and fourth-degree equations
Solving a reduced quintic polynomial equation with substitution
Solving polynomial equations with substitution
Substitutions in reduced quartic and quintic polynomial equations
Substitutions to simplify polynomial equations
Summation expressions in four variables
Systems of fifth-degree equations, with only fifth-degree terms
Tenth-degree expressions
Terms, coefficients, and equations
Third-, fourth-, and sixth-degree polynomial equations
Work on solutions to general cubic and quartic polynomial equations