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Assessment of Nurse Practitioners’ Screening, Prevention, and Treatment Practices in Pediatric Obesity
Barriers and Implications of Controlled Substance Prescribing for Florida APRNs
Closing the Gap
Correlation of Hypertension and Depression
Debriefing After Traumatic Events for Emergency Nurses
Educational Toolkit for Diet Based Weight Loss Programs
Essential Oils in Healthcare
 Evaluating Appearance-Based Education on Sunscreen Knowledge and Use in Young Adults
Evaluation of the C.A.R.E. Program
Factors Influencing Parental and Adult Decision Making for Pediatric Vaccines
Gap Analysis
Health Needs Assessment for a Methodist Congregation
Improving Culturally Sensitive Communication among Healthcare Providers in Underserved Communities
Journaling as a Therapeutic Intervention to Decrease Postpartum Depressive Symptoms and Stress in Mothers with an Infant in NICU
Multistep Educational Intervention for Successful Outpatient Colonoscopy Preparation in a Rural Community
Nutritional Education Intervention for Nurses Caring for Heart Failure Patients
Obstructive Sleep Apnea and the Postoperative Patient
Promoting Influenza Vaccination Among Healthcare Workers at a Local Health Department
QI Evaluation
Sexual Harassment at the Bedside
Use of Simulation for Nurse Practitioner Students