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"A Cannibal Wife" in the Zo-Imba Production
"Botanist", Mary Jackson
"Dr. Burnfield" (Don Teal) in the Zo-Imba Production
"Jo, Bill and Sandy" Singing
"Our Director" Herb Reinhart
"Scientist", Jack Rogero
"Zo-Imba" Cast Members Mary Jackson, Pat Arrants, Jack Rogero, John Ziles, and Don Teal
Ardyce Napier, Cherry Corbin, Pat Arrants, and June Hamilton at the Home Management House
Automobile Covered in Snow
Four Men
Four Women at the Dining Table in the Home Management House
G. Don Teal, Author and Actor
Group of Women Wearing Caps and Clowning Around
Jennie Murphree Hall
John Ziles and Mary Jackson
Man Being Thrown into Westcott Fountain
North Cawthon making Homecoming Decorations
Palm Tree in the Snow
Pat Arrants Making Homecoming Decorations
Pat Arrants with a Group of Women Wearing Caps While Clowning Around in a Dorm Hallway
Pat Arrants with Other Students in the Snow
Pat Arrants with Three Other Women Having a Meal
Pat arrants with Two Other in Graduation Caps and Gowns
Pat Arrants with Two Other Women Outdoors
Pat Arrants' Roommate in their Dorm Room
Patricia Arrants in Newspaper Clipping about Zo-Imba
Rehearsal in the Gym. Blanche Alligood, Mary Jackson, and John Zilles
Reynolds Hall and Jennie Murphree Hall
Sandels Building
The Big Five on the Ropes (Mary Jackson, Pat Arrants, Jack Rogero, John Ziles, and Don Teal)
TV Studio, Announcer (David Dreis) and the Deadheads (Jo Jones, Bill Roche, and Sandra Darling) in the Zo-Imba Production
Two Women at an Ironing Board
Two Women Crawling Through a Wooden Clothes Drying Rack
Two Women in a Dorm Room
Two Women Making Homecoming Decorations
Two Women Sitting at a Table Having a Meal
Westcott Building in the Snow
Women in the Kitchen of the Home Management House
Zo-Imba Production
Zo-Imba Production