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Backwards & inside Out
Night Music from Another World
Dreams on Shelves
Drinking Dirty Water
I Lost My Cherry, but I Still Got the Box It Came in
Beagle's Last Voyage
Mormon Boy
Finding Elvis
Screening for Suicide in an Adult Population
Travels with Ritalin, or How I Spent My Summer Stipend
Getting to Yes
Return of Paul Duncan
This Side of the Gulf
Lost Commodore
You Can't Forgive What You Can't Forget
Primer for a Feudist's Daughter
Reasons Why We Fell Apart
Beasts in the Dark
K'Tina Khozeret
Widow Sunday
Hoop Dancing
Like Love
Man to Blame
Like This
Land of the Free
Florida Stories
Stories My Mother Told Me
Shirley Temple Dreams
Woman by the Water and Other Stories
Beyond the Family Lies
Rounding Third
No Heroes Out Here
Skeleton Me
Despite This Pearl