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Examination of Senior Center Efficacy
Religiosity and Social Support
Knowledge-Based Theory of Rising Scores on "Culture-Free" Tests
Gene-Environment Interactions in the Prediction of Antisocial Phenotypes
Choosing Learning in Later Life
Emotional Experiences during Childbirth
Life Course Perspective of the Relationship Between Social Participation and Health Among Older Adults
Weighted down
Determinants of Resident Mental Health in Florida's Assisted Living Communities
Later Life Social Engagement and Health
Influence of Risk Assessment Instruments on Racial/Ethnic Disparities in the Sentencing of Juvenile Offenders
Association Between Marital Status and Health
Social Context and Mental Health
Factors Impacting Professional Practice in Sexuality Education, Therapy, and Research
Gendered Patterns in Housework and Their Influence on Mid- to Later Life Marital Quality
Adaptation to Parental Gender Transition
Grandparenting Experiences
Stress, Resources and Maternal-Adolescent Relationship Quality Among an At-Risk Sample
Art Museum Experiences of Older Adults
Cohabiting Parents' Marriage Intentions, Coparenting, and Later Relationship Status
Influence of Cultural Capital on Teachers’ Perceptions of Native and Immigrant Students’ Academic and Social Behaviors
Effects of Paid Work on Health in Later Life
Care Receipt and Care Provision in Parent-Adult Child Relationships
Young Adult Military Service and College Success
Maternal Fear for Sons and Daughters and Its Effect on Children's Outdoor Activity
Golden for Whom?
Global patterns of kelp forest change over the past half-century.