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Organizational Socialization Of Academic Librarians In The United States
User Performance Using an Ontology-Driven Information Retrieval (Ontoir) System
Culture and Information Needs in Web-Based Learning
Organization and Categorization of Political Cartoons
Exploring the Effect of Cognitive Load on the Propensity for Query Reformulation Behavior
El-Capstone Scale Development
Development of Information Technology Curricula Guidelines and Skill Standards
Information Technology Adoption by Principals in Botswana Secondary Schools
FSU Faculty Senate Open Access Policy
Normative Behavior and Information
Comparative Citation Analysis Study of Web-Based and Print Journal-Based Scholarly          Communication in the XML Research Field
Domain Shared by Computational and Digital Ontology
Physical Accessibility of Public Libraries to Users
Developing Southern Libraries to Influence the Life of the African-American User
Information Exchanged in Mentoring Between Faculty Advisors and Their Doctoral Students
User Acceptance of Web-Based Subscription Databases
Comparison of Sensory Learning Modes and Adaptive Study Strategies in College          Students
Student Acceptance of Mobile Learning
ICTs and Economic Empowerment of Women
Investigation of the Use of Synchronous Text-Based Communication Technologies by Undergraduate University Students
Computer-Mediated Communication as Political Communication
Clinton and George W. Bush Administrations' FOIA Policies
Navigating the Multicultural Imperative
Social Loafing and Free Riding in Online Learning Groups
Roles of Digital Libraries as Boundary Objects within and Across Social and Information Worlds
Adults Living with Type 2 Diabetes
Influence of Place-Based Communities on Information Behavior
Rural Public Library as Place in North Florida
Adult Literacy Programs in Community Information Resource Centers in Florida
Institutionalization of Information Security Governance Structures in Academic          Institutions
Chat Reference and Location-Based Questions
Impact of Collaborative Tools on Digital Reference Users
Sign of the Librarian in the Cinema of Horror
Virtual Garage Bands
Distributed knowledge in an online patient support community
Availability and accessibility in an open access institutional repository
Ernestine Rose and the Harlem Public Library
Appeals under the U.S. Freedom of Information Act
Creating Community over the Net
Information Worlds of School Librarians as Digital Learning Leaders
Citizens' Political Information Behaviors during Elections on Twitter in South Korea
In- and Out-of-Character
Multidiscipinary Approaches to Information Poverty and Their Implications for          Information Access
Toward Usable, Robust Memometric Authentication
Black Immigrants, Information Access, & Information Overload
Author Team Diversity and the Impact of Scientific Publications