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Influence of Personality on Individuals' Ratings of Psychopathy
Gender Role and Biological Sex Uniquely Relate to Disordered Eating
Tattooed Inmate and Recidivism
Impact of Therapeutic Jurisprudence on Mental Health Court Outcomes
P3 Brain Potential Amplitude in Criminal Psychopathy
Power to Help
Gender and Sentencing
Thinking About Being Thin
Relatives' Reactions to Patients' Traumatic Brain Injury
Remembering to Forget
Assessment of Substance Abuse Treatment Programs in Florida'S Correctional          Institutions for Women
Conduct Problems and Callous-Unemotional Traits in Non-Referred Female Adolescents
Descriptive and Developmental Characteristics of Chronically Overcontrolled Hostile Women Offenders
Revisiting the Sex-Differentiation Hypothesis
Relationship Between Violence Experienced and Witnessed in Adolescence and Violence in Current Couple Relations
Effectiveness of Sexual Offender Treatment for Juveniles as Measured by Recidivism
Effect of Homework Compliance on Smoking Cessation and Anxiety Management
Toward a Cross-Domain Conception of Inhibitory Control Capacity as Relevant to Impulse Control Problems
Relationship Between Anger Rumination and Aggression in Childhood
Toward a New Understanding of Intimate Partner Violence
Individual Differences in Sensory Processing in the Rattus as Assessed Through the Bimodal Preference Profile for the Artificial Sweetener Sucralose
Relationship Between Anxiety and Premature Termination from Psychotherapy at a University Clinic
Relationship Between Adolescent Mental Health, Parental Depression, and Family Environment for Adolescents Accessing Intensive Mental Health Treatment
Racial Threat, Residential Segregation, "Punishment Power," and Public Policy