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Kung-Fu Cowboys to Bronx B-Boys
"Pure Religion of the Gospel…Together with Civil Liberty"
Boschlopers of New Netherland and the Iroquois, 1633-1664
Raging Moderates
Cuban-U.S. Transnational Relationship
"As Blond as Hitler"
Romanian Media in Transition
"Acribillados Y Torturados"
Roots of an Artisan Community, Guadalajara, Mexico, 1791‐1842
Coming from Battle to Face a War
Emergency Measures and Contingency in the French Revolution, 1792-1794
18th Century Transformations of the Jamaican Plantocracy
Defense of Craft
Service of Antoine-Henri Baron De Jomini in 1812-13
Worke Wee May Doe in the World" the Western Design and the Anglo-Spanish Struggle for the Caribbean, 1654-1655
Household and Family in Guadalajara, Mexico, 1811 1842
El Silenciamiento del Sujeto de Origen Africano en las Letras Puertorriqueñas del Siglo XIX
U.S. Citizen Opposition to the Contra War
"Chosen Race"
To Make Graver This Sin
Conjuring Moments and Other Such Hoodoo
Louis-Thomas Villaret de Joyeuse
Victory in the Cradle
Blurring the Boundaries of Cold War Foreign Relations