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Scatterings And Quantum Effects In (al, In)n/gan Heterostructures For High-power And High-frequency Electronics
Incommensurate crystal supercell and polarization flop observed in the magnetoelectric ilmenite MnTiO3
Crystal structure and partial Ising-like magnetic ordering of orthorhombic Dy2TiO5
Magnetoelectric and Multiferroic Properties in Layered 3D Transition Metal Oxides
Magnetothermal Transport and Elastoresistive Properties of Low-Dimensional Magnetoelectrics and Dichalcogenides
Magnetic Phase Diagram of Triangular Lattice Antiferromagnet Ba₃MNb₂O9 (M = Co, Mn) and Its Multiferroicity
Fermi surface reconstruction in FeSe under high pressure