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Progressive Qualities of A.M.R. Barret's Complete Method for the Oboe
Performance Analysis of Stylistic Features of Scott Mcallister's Selected Works for Solo Clarinet
Philadelphia Influence on the Art of Reed Making
Derek Bourgeois' Concerto for Trombone, Opus 114 a Performer's Guide and Annotated Bibliography of His Solo and Chamber Works for Trombone
Annotated Guide and Interactive Database for Solo Horn Repertoire
Common Injuries Among College Clarinetists
Charles Koechlin's Silhouettes de Comédie for Bassoon and Orchestra
Life and Music of Canadian Jazz Clarinetist Phil Nimmons
Examination of Stylistic Elements in Richard Strauss's Wind Chamber Music Works and Selected Tone Poems
Manual for the Oboe Gouging Machine
Days of Bliss Are in Store
David Maslanka and the Natural World
Select Contributions and Commissions in Solo Trombone Repertoire by Trombonist Innovator and Pioneer
Annotated Bibliography of Original Reed Quintet Repertoire
Analytical Research of Wind Band Core Repertoire
Annotated Guide to Gary Schocker's Music for Flute and Piccolo
Jean Devémy and the Paris Conservatory Morceaux de Concours for Horn, 1938-1969
Life and Career of James Edwin Croft
Gordon Jacob
Mr. Mitty, a Tone Poem for Bassoon and Chamber Ensemble by Nansi Carroll
Oboe Works of Richard Dubugnon
Examination of the History and Winning Pieces of the National Band Association's Composition Contest
Examination of Orchestration Techniques Used in Wind Band Transcriptions of a Cappella Choral Works
Effects of Music Teacher Beliefs, Training, and Resources on Use of Technology
Osvaldo Golijov's The Dreams and Prayers of Isaac the Blind for Klezmer Clarinet and String Quartet, Including an Introduction to Klezmer for Performance
Overview of the Oboe Works of Simon A. Sargon
Principles for Creating Literature-Specific Instructional Materials for the Band Classroom
Annotated Bibliography of Contemporary Works Programmable by Wind Band and Orchestra
Biographical Dictionary of Twentieth-Century American Clarinetists
Instrument of Heros and Troubadours
Return of Odysseus
Conductor's Guide to the Wind Music of Joseph Schwantner with a Transcription of the          Composer's "New Morning for the World"
William Kraft's Encounters II for Solo Tuba
Wil Offermans
Unifying Elements of Paul Lansky's Threads
Survey of Selected Saxophone Excerpts from Wind Band Literature of the Past Twenty-Five Years
Survey and Guide to United States Military Band Trumpet Auditions
Flute Performance Practice in the United States (1870-1900)
Effect of Conducting on Ensemble Performance
Four Movements in Search of a Composer for Wind Ensemble and Brass Sextet
Alfred L. Watkins
Two Examples of Music in 1920S France
Comparison of Four Selected American Flute Method Books from the 20th and Early 21st Centuries
Life and Music of Daniel Nelson with a Performer’s Guide to the Clarinet Concerto
Is There Romance after Schumann