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Characterization and Optimization of Running with Curved Legs
Circulation in the Lau Basin and Havre Trough
Contact-Free Simulations of Rigid Particle Suspensions Using Boundary Integral Equations
Gliomas Diagnosis, Progress, and Treatment
Investigating Persistent Infections Using Mathematical Modeling and Analyses
Symmetry Solutions of the Multiphase Model with Biological Applications
Impact of Competition on Elephant Musth Strategies
High Order Long-Time Accurate Methods for the Stokes-Darcy System and Uncertainty Quantification of Contaminant Transport
Game-Theoretic Analysis of Competition over Indivisible Resources
Mathematical Modeling of Biofilms with Applications
Advances in Mechanistic Photochemistry
Mathematical Model of Cerebral Cortical Folding Development Based on a Biomechanical Hypothesis
Unveiling Mechanisms for Electrical Activity Patterns in Neurons and Pituitary Cells Using Mathematical Modeling and Analysis
Theoretical, Computational, and Experimental Topics in Anterior Pituitary Cell Signaling
Space-Time Spectral Element Methods in Fluid Dynamics and Materials Science
Exploration of the Role of Disinfection Timing, Duration, and Other Control Parameters on Bacterial Populations Using a Mathematical Model
Evolutionary Dynamics of Bacterial Persistence under Nutrient/Antibiotic Actions
Metric Learning for Shape Classification
Using Mathematical Tools to Investigate the Autoimmune Hair Loss Disease Alopecia Areata
Belief Function Theory
Mathematical Modeling and Sensitivity Analysis for Biological Systems
Mathematical Models of Prostate Cancer Progression and Response to Treatment
On the Use of Conformal Mappings, Invariants and Warpings in Investigations of the Cortical Surface
Distributed Neural Network Models for Birdsong Production
Mathematical Model for the Determination of Mouse Excisional Wound Healing Parameters from Photographic Data
Insects in Variable Plant Patches
Quantifying Spatiotemporal Variability in Zooplankton Dynamics in the Gulf of Mexico Using a Physical-Biogeochemical Model