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Augmenting antidepressant medication treatment of depressed women with emotionally focused therapy for couples
Committed Romantic Relationship Profiles of Individuals with Anxiety Disorders
Physical Activities and General Family Functioning
"Did You Think to Pray?
Exploratory Case Study of Fathers Who Massaged Their Infants
Effects of Uncertainty for Couples in Cancer Survivorship
Understanding Correlates of Serious Female Adolescent Delinquency
Examining the Effects of Family Relationships on Mental and Physical Health
Sexual Minority Mental Health
Quarrelsome Love
Factors Impacting Professional Practice in Sexuality Education, Therapy, and Research
Marriage and Family Therapists' Endorsement of Couples Treatment for Intimate Partner Violence
Stress, Resources and Maternal-Adolescent Relationship Quality Among an At-Risk Sample
Influences of Stressors on Coping Profiles and Depressive Symptoms
Relationship Between Early Familial Racial/Ethnic Socialization and Academic Outcomes of African American Students and the Mediating Effects of Self-Efficacy
Relationship Between Adolescent Mental Health, Parental Depression, and Family Environment for Adolescents Accessing Intensive Mental Health Treatment
Exploring Sibling Relationships Among Youth in Foster Care
Social Support in Transitional Housing
Couples' Prior Quality of Relationship, Present Attachment, Adjustment, and Depressive Symptoms with Early Stage Alzheimer's
Underlying Mechanisms by Which Estrogen Regulates Body Composition Including Bone and Muscle Mass