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Investigating Relationships Among Parenting Practices, Social Competence, and Risky Behaviors in Gifted College Students
Me, Myself, and I
Developing and Testing a Comprehensive Measure of Maternal Gatekeeping
Committed Romantic Relationship Profiles of Individuals with Anxiety Disorders
Associations Between Relationships with Biological and Foster Parents, Self-Esteem, and Delinquency for Adolescents in Foster Care
Racial Discrimination and Alcohol Outcomes in Black Youth
College Students' Recollection of Parent-Child Conflict Management and Current Perceptions of Adjustment and          Attachment with Parents and Peers
Pregnancy Intentions of First Time Mothers
"It's Really Overwhelming"
Experiences of Maltreatment and Adolescent Substance Use
College Experience of Gifted Emerging Adults
Marital Quality, Parent-Adolescent Relations, and Adolescent Depressive Symptoms Among Military Families
Parental Warmth and Juvenile Delinquency
Social Support in Transitional Housing
Couples' Prior Quality of Relationship, Present Attachment, Adjustment, and Depressive Symptoms with Early Stage Alzheimer's
Co-Parenting in the Context of Divorce
Constraints to Family Leisure and Perceptions of Family Functioning of U.S. Army Personnel Who Have Experienced Deployment
Caregivers' Experience of Adolescent Substance Use