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Advancing Behavioural Genomics By Considering Timescale
Pleiotropy, constraint, and modularity in the evolution of life histories
Advancing behavioural genomics by considering timescale.
Are Trinidad and Guyana Poecilia picta Distinctive Species?
Does Sexual Experience Affect the Alternative Mating Tactics of the Salfin Molly, Poecilia latipinna?
Seasonal changes in male size and alternative mating tactics in sailfin mollies (Poecilia latipinna)
Developing a Genome Browser for a Non-model Vertebrate, Poecilia reticulata.
Why Does The Magnitude Of Genotype-by-environment Interaction Vary?
Why does the magnitude of genotype-by-environment interaction vary?
Composition and Stability of Single-Stranded DNA Viral Populations in Wastewater Treatment Plants
Why Dominant Individuals Cooperate — Fitness Consequences of Cooperative Courtship in a System with Variable Cooperative Display Coalitions
Role of Seasonal and Geographic Temperature Variation in the Life Cycle of the Clonal Sea Anemone Diadumene Lineata (Verrill)
Assortative Mating in the Tropical Sea Urchin Lytechinus Variegatus
Genetic and Epigenomic Analyses of Drosophila Phenotypes
Maintenance of Polymorphism by Behavioral and Genomic Plasticity in Mate Preference
Carbon Monoxide Neurotransmission in the Anterior Hypothalamus
Role of Indirect and Direct Genetic Effects in Modification of Behavior and Maintenance of Color Polymorphism in Male Gambusia                 Holbrooki
Molecular-Genetic Basis of Sex-Specific Behaviors
Stress Response and Coloration as Mediators of Behavioral and Physiological Variation
How Males Shape Up
Social Nesting Behvior of the Bahama Parrot on Abaco Island and Its Conservation Implications
Hypothalamic Factors Involved in the Regulation of Prolactin Surges in Female Rats
Constructing a Single-Cell Transcriptomic Atlas of Cells Regulating Drosophila Oogenesis and Ovulation and Understanding the Role of Notch Signaling during Development and Tumorigenesis
Socially Mediated Plasticity and Polymorphism