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Relevance of Folk Intuitions to Philosophical Debates
Investigating the Alternating Periods Monopoly
Legal Structure, Globalization, Domestic Development, and Political Institutions
Essays on Risk and Incentives
Essays on Heterogeneity and Learning in Sequential Games
Revolutions Start in Coffee Shops
Antitrust at the State Level
Homestead Portability
Merger-Induced Effects of Airline Route Changes
Public Goods Generated by Intercollegiate Athletics
Investigations of Behavioral Phenomena in Auctions and Gambles
Determinants of Economic Institutions
On Inactivity in the Lab
Essays and Experiments in Political Economy
Essays on Market Structure, Innovation, and Antitrust
Three Essays on Other Regarding Behavior
Three Behavioral Essays on Juror Decision Making
Global Poverty
Age Differences in the Subjective Valuation of Technology
Experimental Investigations in Public Economics
Essays on the Dynamics of Land-Assembly