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Effects of Spatial Visualization and Achievement on Students' Use of Multiple          Representations
Identification and Analysis of Pedagogical Techniques in Decartes' La Géométrie
Black Students' Experiences and Motivation to Pursue Foreign Language Study at an HBCU
How Adolescent African American Females Make Sense of Stem Learning
Exploratory Study of the Use of a Problem-Posing Approach on Pre-Service Elementary Education Teachers' Mathematical Creativity, Beliefs, and Anxiety
How Graphing Calculators and Visual Imagery Contribute to College Algebra Students' Understanding the Concept of Function
Influence of Curiosity and Spatial Ability on Preservice Middle and Secondary          Mathematics Teachers' Understanding of Geometry
Teacher Knowledge of Students and Enactment of Motivational Strategies in Teaching the Concept of Function
Relationship between Completed High School and College Courses and Gains in Standardized Test Performance from the Perspective of the Expert Performance Approach
Kindergarten Teachers' Developmentally Appropriate Beliefs and Practices
Prekindergarten Teachers' Knowledge of Instructional Practices That Facilitate Geometric and Spatial Sense
Relationship between Certification Pathways and Teacher Effectiveness for Beginning and Experienced Teachers in Florida
Investigation of Mathematics Language and Its Relation with Mathematics and Reading
Developing Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge in Preservice Teachers Through Microteaching Lesson Study
Relationship between Certification Pathways and Teacher Effectiveness for Beginning and Experienced Teachers in Florida
English Language Instructors’ Perceptions of Their Professional Development and Teaching at King Abdulaziz University
Impact of Explicit Phonological Awareness Instruction on Spelling Knowledge, Orthographic Processing Skills, and Reading Speed and Accuracy of Adult Arab ESL Learners
How Geogebra Contributes to Middle Grade Algebra I Students' Conceptual Understanding of Functions
Effect of Population Shifts on Teacher Vam Scores
Exploration of Teacher-Child Relationships and Interactions in Elementary Science Lessons
Examination of School Choice and Fifth Grade Science Achievement in Florida
Exploring the Role of the Directed Motivational Currents on the Persian Heritage Language Learners' Success
Exploration of the Underrepresented Minority Medical Student Experience
Graduation Caps for All
Potential Influence of a Learner's Regulatory Orientations on the Linguistic Dimensions of Second Language Writing Task          Performance
Investigation into College Mathematics in a Florida State College Pre-and Post-Optional Developmental Education Legislation
Development of Student Skill, Will, and Self-Regulation through Participation in a First-Year Seminar Course
Understanding the Transition Experience of Students Transferring from a Latin American International Branch Campus to Its Us Main Campus
Connecting Disciplinary and Pedagogical Spaces in Statistics
Effects of a Mathematics Vocabulary Tutoring Intervention
Elementary and Special Education Pre-Service Teachers' Self-Efficacy Beliefs about Teaching Mathematics and Science to Students with Autism
Investigation of a College Freshmen Study Abroad Program
Understanding Parents' Motivation in a One-Parent, One Language Approach to Bilingual Education
Examination of Stressors Experienced by Second-Year Students in an Online Medical Education Program
Development of Mathematical Practices through Word Problem Solving Instruction for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Prospective Secondary Teachers' Subject Matter Knowledge and Pedagogical Content Knowledge of the Concept of Function
Validation of the English Language Version of the Teacher Self-Regulation Scale for U.S. K-12 Teachers
Integration of Automated Essay Scoring Systems into the Equating Process for Mixed-Format Tests
Father's Early Engagement
Effects of Reusable Motivational Objects in Designing Reusable Learning Object‐Based Instruction
ESOL Endorsed Teacher Candidates' Undergraduate Academic Performance as a Possible Predictor for Their ESOL Performance on the                 Professional Education (PEd) Test within the Context of Florida
Flipped Learning and 21st Century Literacies
Vocabulary Mediation in the Second Language Classroom
Art Integration and Reading Achievement
Faculty Perceptions of A Calculus Reform Experiment at A Research University
Impact of Private School Choice Design – Program Type and Student Eligibility – on School District Enrollment and Expenditures
Mathematics Teaching and Learning