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Emoticon Usage in Task-Oriented and Socio-Emotional Contexts in Online Discussion          Boards
Student Acceptance of Mobile Learning
Automated Essay Scoring in an English as a Second Language Setting
Effect of Audio Narration in Computer Mediated Instruction on Procedural Fluency by Students of Varying Reading Levels
Shifts in Adaptation
Learning by Restorying
Effects of Pedagogical Agent-Delivered Persuasive Messages with Fear Appeal on Learners' Attitude Change
Effects of the Assessor and Assessee's Roles on Preservice Teachers' Metacognitive Awareness, Performance, and Attitude in a Technology-Related Design Task
Explicit and Implicit Types of Communication
Using Argument-Driven Inquiry to Enhance Students' Argument Sophistication When Supporting a Stance in the Context of Socioscientific Issues
Example Postings' Effects on Online Discussion and Cognitive Load
Exploring Students' Mapping Behaviors and Interactive Discourses in a Case Diagnosis Problem
Use of Observational Learning Enhanced Instruction in Low Language Competency Audiences
Evaluating the Implementation of the Online Tutorial for the Universitas Terbuka Distance Learning Bachelor Degree Program in Indonesia
Changing the Culture of Silence
Collaborative Peer Tutoring as a Mechanism for the Integration of First-Year Student-Athletes
Social Loafing and Free Riding in Online Learning Groups
Exploring Cultural Variation in Eye Movements on a Web Page Between Americans and Koreans
Sequential Analysis of Collaborative Writing and Editing Processes in Wikis
Effects of Game-Based Learning in an Opensim-Supported Virtual Environment for Mathematical Performance
Effects of Presentation Timing and Learner Control on Effectiveness and Efficiency on Learning Statistics Skills
Designing Problem Based Learning for Teachers in Malaysia
Effects of Embodied Interactions on Learning in a Kinect-Enabled Learning Environment
Embodied Experiences in the Online Writing Center
Student Perceptions of Problems' Structuredness, Complexity, Situatedness, and Information Richenss and Their Effects on Problem-Solving Performance
Weight Status and Decision Making in a Food Selection Task
Effects of Task-Centered vs. Topic-Centered Instructional Strategy Approaches on Problem Solving
Effects of Argumentation Scaffolding in a Problem-Based Learning Course on Problem-Solving Outcomes and Learner Motivation
Descriptive Post Titles as Advance Organizer
Modeling the Reasoning Processes in Experts and Novices' Argument Diagramming Task
Evaluating the Effect of Face-to-Face Tutoring on in-Service Teacher Trainee Performance at the Indonesia Open University
Investigation of Pulse Oximetry (PO) Levels during Swallowing in Healthy Adults and Individuals with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
Examining the Relationship between Prior Knowledge, Causal Maps, and Causal Mapping Processes
Question of Choking