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Distinguishing Förster resonance energy transfer and solvent-mediated charge-transfer          relaxation dynamics in a zinc(II) indicator
Probing the Conformational Dynamics of Human Glucokinase
Hollow Gold Nanosphere Optical Transducers Studied Using Femtosecond Time-Resolved Laser Spectroscopy
Orthogonal Space Tempering Scheme and Its Application to Complex Biomolecular Processes
Size and Morphology Variation in Multiferroic MOFs
Development and Characterization of Bodipy-Zinc(II) and Rhodamine- Reactive Oxygen Species (Ros) Fluorescent Indicators for Use in Live Cell Imaging
Structure, Dynamics and Proton Conductance Mechanism of the M2 Protein Histidine Tetrad
Structure-Dependent Optical Properties and Electronic Relaxation Dynamics of Colloidal Nanoparticles
Magnetometry and EPR Studies of Model Paramagnetic Complexes with Improved Magnetic Anisotropy
Engineering the Bio-Nano Interface Using a Multi-Functional Polymer Coating
Computational Simulations of Vortex Waves Interacting with Heterogeneities
Self-Organization of Complex Polycrystalline Silica-Carbonate Biomorphs
Optical and Electronic Properties of Molecule-Assembled and Molecule-Stabilized Gold Nanostructures
Optical Spectroscopy of Novel Semiconductors in High Magnetic Fields
Electrophoresis Based Affinity Assays of Hormones and Its Application in Monitoring of Hormone Secretion from Islets of                 Langerhans
Plasmonic Nanostructures Studied Using Nonlinear Optical Spectroscopy at the Limits of Spatial Precision and Temporal                 Resolution
Optical Properties and Electronic Relaxation Dynamics of Monolayer-Protected Metal Clusters Studied Using Ultrafast Pump-Probe                 and Magneto-Optical Spectroscopies
Thermodynamic Activation Parameters and Transition State Affinity of Adenosine Deaminase and the Impact of Removing a                 Substrate "Anchor"
Structural Elucidation in Biomolecules by Nanometal Surface Energy Transfer Contact Points